Coastal Scents 22-Piece Brush Set
Coastal Scents 22-Piece Brush Set
Coastal Scents 22-Piece Brush Set
Coastal Scents

Coastal Scents 22-Piece Brush Set

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No makeup lover is complete without having a complete brush set to apply their makeup with perfection and ease. The set comes in its own special travel friendly bag and made out of a collection of synthetic and natural hair to optimise their makeup function.

This set includes the following brush types:
1. Large Fan (Synthetic)
2. Powder Buffer (Synthetic)
3. Round Powder (Synthetic)
4. Flat Buffer (Synthetic)
5. Angle Blush (Natural Hair)
6. Foundation (Natural Hair)
7. Concealer (Synthetic)
8. Large Shadow (Natural Hair)
9. Blender (Natural Hair)
10. Doe Foot Blender (Natural Hair)
11. Dome Shadow (Natural Hair)
12. Dome Blender (Natural Hair)
13. Medium Shadow (Natural Hair)
14. Detail Shadow (Natural Hair)
15. Lip (Natural Hair)
16. Detail Concealer (Synthetic)
17. Pointed Blender (Natural Hair)
18. Brow (Natural Hair)
19. Smudger Sponge (Rubber)
20. Large Liner / Brow (Synthetic)
21. Medium Liner / Brow (Synthetic)
22. Small Liner / Brow (Synthetic)