Cailyn Just Mineral Eye Polish

Cailyn Just Mineral Eye Polish

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 لاماع العينين المنرال من  كايلن الذي يضيف لمعة وبريق لأي مكياج تعملينه بسهولة بواسطة الفرشاة الصغيرة بقلب المنتج!

Made with 100% raw mineral powder, this highly pigmented satiny powder not only colors your eyes with shimmery, gorgeous hues but is also safe to wear long hours. Easy to use built-in sponge tip allows smooth application and seamless blending of colors.  Whether you want to give a subtle wash of color or go for dramatic smoky makeup, CAILYN Just Mineral Eye Polish will be a girl's best friend.

- Wide range of vibrant, long lasting colors that can be mixed and matched for desired shades.
- Silky smooth texture makes them easy to apply and blend naturally.
- 100 % pure blend of natural minerals are safe for sensitive eyes.
- From sheer to opaque, various ways of application.
- Eye illuminating effect from light reflecting mica.

Built-in Sponge Tip
- Soft and fine sponge tip allows easy application and seamless blending of colors.
- Convenient Built-In type sponge applicator is easy to carry or store without getting messy.

Why Mineral?
It does not contain any synthetic ingredients. It is made only of minerals found naturally occurring on the earth. It will not irritate your eyes or delicate skin around eyes.


- Using built-in sponge tip applicator, apply gently on your eye area as desired.
- For a subtle hint of color, wear it dry.
- For long-lasting, matte, opaque look, apply with CAILYN Bright On Eye Balm.